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Batch 6: DevOps - Zero To Hero [2024 Updated] 🔥 

Crack DevOps and Cloud Jobs in 2024

  • Starts on: 27th Jan 2024
  • Duration: 3 Months (13+ Weeks) + Weekly Doubt Clearing sessions
  • Bonus: 3 More courses [AWS, Python, Gen. AI] + 90 Days Of DevOps E-Book
  • Job Assistance: Mock Interviews & Linkedin/Resume Building 
  • Class timings: 9 AM-12 P.M IST (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Access: 2 years (Recordings Available Same Day) + Batch 5 Course Included
  • Pre-requisites: No Pre-requisites (Beginners Friendly)
  • Level:  From Beginners to Advanced with 24 x 7 Community Support
  • Course Language: Hindi (Hinglish)

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DevOps: Zero To Hero [Batch 6] - Be a Job Ready DevOps and Cloud Engineer in 2024

AWS: Zero To Hero - Become a certified and skilled Cloud Engineer

Generative AI for DevOps - Be a Future Ready DevOps Engineer

Python For DevOps - Crack All Tech interviews

AWS EKS Masterclass - Make a Production Ready Kubernetes Cluster

Computer Networking Masterclass - Learn the internals of Networking for DevOps

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Why learn DevOps, AWS, Python & AI  in 2024 🎯

Better Future Scope

Reqd. Less Coding 

Industry Demand

Higher Package  

All In One [Batch 6]


1.Introduction to DevOps

•DevOps Roadmap and Career Opportunities

•Secrets to Success as a DevOps Engineer

•What Does a DevOps Engineer do?

2.Linux For DevOps

•Setting up Linux via AWS EC2

•File System Hierarchy

•Basic Linux Commands

•Advanced Linux Commands

•Shell Scripting with a Project

3.Source Code Management

•Difference between CVCS and DVCS

•Importance of Git

•Installation of Git

•Git three-stage Architecture

•Detail explanation of Repository, Commit, Tags, Snapshots, Push-Pull Mechanism, and Branching Strategy

•Working with Git stash and Git pop

•Resolve Merge conflicts in Git

•Git Revert and Reset (Reset vs Revert)

•Git rebase

•Working with git Squash

•Git cherrypick

•What is Git fork?

4.Package Management

•What is Virtualization before deep dive into the Containerization

•O.S level virtualization

•Docker vs Virtual Machine

•What is Docker and its History

•Docker Architecture

•Advantages and limitations of Docker

•Components of Docker (Docker Daemon, Docker Client, Docker Host)

•Docker Image

•Docker lifecycle and PS

•Start and delete a container

•Exploring exec command

•Custom Docker image

•Docker file creation using Dockerfile

•Working with Docker volume

•Mapping volumes (Container to Container, Host to container)

•Creating volume from Dockerfile

•Docker port Mapping

•Docker port exposes

•Difference between Docker attach and Docker exec

•Docker Hub and push our image to the Docker Hub

•Docker Compose and Docker Swarm

5. CI/CD

•What is CI/CD pipeline

•Jenkins History

•Getting started with Jenkins

•Jenkins installation on Cloud

•Workflow of Jenkins

•Jenkins UI

•User Management in Jenkins

•Jenkins-Linked Projects

•Source-code polling

6. Container Orchestration

•What are Monolithic and Microservices Architecture

•What is Kubernetes

•Introduction to Kubernetes

•Features of Kubernetes

•Kubernetes History

•Kubernetes architecture in depth

•Node and Pod

•Fundamentals of Pods and their Lifecycle

•Installing Kubernetes on AWS

•Command with example (kubectl)

•Role of Master Node

•Components of Control Plane and explanation

•Installing kubectl and minikube

•Creation and deletion of a pod

•Kubernetes YAML Configuration

•Higher-level Kubernetes Objects

•K8s Object management

•Labels and Selectors in K8s

•Replication, Auto healing and working with deployment in K8s

•ConfigMap and Secret in k8s

•Deploying Microservices app to K8s cluster

•Kubernetes Networking, Services and Nodeport

•Volumes in Kubernetes

•Persistent Volume and LivenessProbe in K8s

•Namespaces in K8s

7.Cloud Engineering

•AWS Global Infrastructure

•Detail overview of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

•Your first EC2 instance

•In-depth guide for EC2 instance

•In-depth guide for EC2 options

•Connecting to a cloud instance

•Handling and management of Security Groups


•Auto Scaling/ Load balancing

•Cloud Formation and Cloud Watch

•SNS and SQS

•RDS and IAM

•ECS and ECR by Project

•Cloudwatch and Billing Alarms

8.Infrastructure As Code

•Understanding the concept of (IaC)

•Getting started with Terraform

•Terraform Basics

•Variables, Resources, Attributes and Dependencies

•Terraform State

•Terraform for-each and module

•Terraform Project

•Ansible Ad-hoc Commands

•Ansible Project


•Grafana and Graphite

•Connecting to docker and EC2 for Logs and monitoring •Prometheus setup

•Prometheus and Kubernetes Alerting

10.Job Assistance

•Linkedin and Resume Building/ Review

•Mock Interviews

•DevOps Engineers Share their Interview Experiences

•DevOps Interview Questions


•Linkedin and Resume Building/ Review

•Scrutiny of any Linux Server by Shell Script

•CICD Pipeline using Jenkins, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

•CICD with AWS CodePipeline

•Web App Deployments through Ansible and Terraform

•Serverless Deployment for a 3-tier application (Production Level)

•Continuous Delivery via K8S cluster in Prod using AWS EKS

Projects Covered (DevOps)

Learn through real-life industry projects, assignments & case studies.

Scrutiny of any Linux Server by Shell Script
✅ CICD Pipeline using Jenkins, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes
✅ CICD with AWS Code Pipeline
✅ Web App Deployments through Ansible and Terraform
✅ Serverless Deployment for 3 tier application (Production Level)
✅ Continuous Delivery via K8S cluster in Prod using AWS EKS

Projects Covered (AWS)

✅ AWS EC2 Autoscalling
✅ 3 Tier Application Deployment
✅ Server less Application Deployment 

Projects Covered (Generative Ai)

✅ Creation of End to End DevOps Flow
✅ Creation of DevOps Resume
✅ Creation of task summaries, logs, analysis etc.

About the Course

• An interactive 3+ Months Live Course / Workshop where you will become a DevOps Engineer based on my journey and 5+ Years of experience in the IT Industry.

• In this 1st time ever: Mega Bundle Course we are also covering some part of  AWS, Generative Ai, Python & 90 Days Challenge eBook along with the DevOps.

• The recordings will also be available after the course for 2 Years. Also, you will become part of my private
communities for discussions, doubts, feedback and Mentorship.

• You will get access to 20+ Live Sessions with Industry based Assignments and Live Projects.

• The sessions will be of ~3+ hours from 9 A.M - 12 P.M IST on Weekends [Morning batch]

All your doubts will be cleared on Live Doubt clearing sessions.


20+ LIVE Sessions with Doubt Clearing Sessions

100+ Hours of Learning with hands-on DevOps Tools


13+ Weeks of Learning with Mentorship


6+ Industry Grade projects with Job Assistance

How Is TWS Different

Completion Certificate

Upon successful completion of the DevOps Course, we will Provide the course completion certificate for DevOps and its validity is a lifetime.

Meet Your Mentor 🧑‍💻

Hi, I am Shubham Londhe, YouTuber - TrainWithShubham, and an experienced Software Engineer and Technical Trainer, passionate about DevOps and development, whose vision is to transform everyone's career into IT, irrespective of their background.

I have Trained more than 5000+ students to get their dream jobs in IT.

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"If you are an beginner you can go with this course , its mine personal experience I bought this course and its value is more then its price . thanks sir"

- Vivek

"Non-IT To DevOps"

"No matter whether you are from IT or Non-IT, the teaching skills of Shubham bhaiya are Awesome and the syllabus will cover almost all the topics which you need for a DevOps Engineer.! Thank you So Much"

- Abhinay Salure

"Best in Market"

"This is the best course for Devops. The course is in depth more on hand-on assignments and projects and taught in very easy language so everybody can understand all the concepts. Shubham Sir is very humble and supportive and always ready to solve the problems you face."

- Swapnil Dhande

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"I can say one of the most liked and popular course delivered by shubham. The course contents are very well managed. I would like to refer each person visiting here to have a try and Experience the Best out of it."

- Arindam Naik

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"I would highly recommend this course to others who are looking to enhance their knowledge in DevOps. The course is well-structured and provides a strong foundation for understanding the concepts and tools used in the field. Shubham is a great instructor and provides clear and detailed explanations, making it easy to understand and apply the concepts. Overall, a great investment in my career."

- Jeet

"Easy To Understand"

"As a Non-IT person, I found the "DevOps Zero to Hero Morning Batch-II" course to be very informative and helpful. The course covered a wide range of topics related to DevOps, and it was easy to understand thanks to the excellent teaching of Shubham Londhe sir❤️. "

- Rushikesh Mashidkar


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Yes, we will study with a project-based learning with 6+ Projects during the course also there will be challenges and quizzes.


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